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Bourbon Street Run

I’m coming to a close on a series that is dear to my heart, it’s set in one of my favorite places: New Orleans. Such a beautiful place, full of rich history and hidden elements that just need a little time and care to discover them. The name of this book; Bourbon Street Run might seem like an unusual title. Bourbon? This is a YA. The title is a play with words, Bourbon Street Run. In the story there is a charity marathon that is taking place and the starting line is Bourbon Street which is why its called Bourbon Street Run.

You see, in the last year, I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with running. If you follow me on Instagram MMShelley you will see my postings. I enjoy running, I just don’t enjoy the actual running part. Not to confuse anyone! Once the run is complete there is a feeling of accomplishment. I set a goal and completed it. When I first began I did the run/walk and listened to my body and pushed myself, challenged myself. In the process of it all I discovered a great running community, and we encourage each other and help with motivation.

“The pain is only temporary, but the results are amazing” and its true, it can be therapeutic and reminds you that its just the small things that really add up to create who you are. I began my running journey about the same time I sat down to draw out the drafts for book three and the two just seemed to fit.

I’ll have more soon on book three, but here is a quick peak at the cover art! Talk to you all soon!

MMpreview Bourbon Street Run