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A Resting Place For Those Remembered

One of the joys of visiting the Huntington Gardens is looking at the benches they have throughout the gardens. These are unique benches! They’re dedicated to loved ones, and individual patrons of the library, and one of these benches is dedicated to my great uncle Fred Brandt for his 50 years of service as a gardener. Not only was he a gardener here, but he was the head gardener, and he and his family had lived on the property for several years until his death. Here is a photo of his bench:

As you make your way into the gardens, you will see benches with nameplates on them, and if you take a closer look, you will know the name in which this one was dedicated to. 

There are many reasons one would have a bench (too many to list!), and its lovely to see who’s a bench you are taking a break at. 

They are always placed in a tranquil spot, under a tree with branches aplenty to block the sun’s rays, beside a pond so you can hear the natural sounds created by the local inhabitants; birds of all kinds it would seem and tucked away in a little-known spot where you can rest and daydream. 

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