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A Song Of Sorrow...

The Banshee is one of the fairy folk and not necessarily bad. It depends on who is telling the story. It began in 8th century Ireland, and if there were a funeral, more than likely, you’d have a keener; a songstress. She would sing songs at the graveside, and she would be paid in liquor, and if she were a popular keener, she would be given a lot of alcohol.  

If the keener was exceptional, she was believed to be a fairy folk, and Banshee's name was born. Their voice was incredibly lovely, surly gifted by the gods themselves.

She’s described in two fashions, one as a beautiful maiden and the other as a hideous crone, but she has flowy long silver hair and can be seen brushing her hair with a comb in both versions. Irish lore believes the banshees look after their own and may even be a relative who has passed and who comes to warn of future death. 

She can also be a woman with a tragic past, murdered, dying in childbirth, or had suffered significant loss. Her cries, which are freighting to those who may hear it and are one of such sadness they make fill one with dread. They can knock at your door and window in the middle of the night to ensure you had heard their cry. Not to frighten, but to prepare you for what’s to come. 

If you ever chance upon a Banshee and hear her cry, don’t fret. It could be that she’s only there to sing for your funeral…

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