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Castles on my mind...

Photo by Iain from Pexels

Castles of Ireland have always held a bit of magic and an exciting story to tell. Almost all of them have a ghost or two who live within their walls. I know the Irish castles cannot compare to the German castles' beauty and majesty that look as though they should be in a fairytale. For example, Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, the inspiration for both Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty’s castles with its fairytale turrets and flags.

Perhaps it’s the Irish landscape or the hidden mysteries that are just at your fingertips. These castles spark the imagination of this fantasy writer.

When I began working on Of Serpents and Wolves, I knew that I wanted there to be a castle within this story, but sometimes what I want to happen in a story has to take a backseat. We didn’t have a castle in this story. A Dùn is not a castle, but it fit the landscape for my characters. It’s a stone fortress from the middle ages, and there are remnants of these forts are found throughout Ireland and parts of Scotland.

It would be amazing to see a Dùn in person, but I’ll just have to settle for what I see within my imagination until it is safe enough to travel.

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