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Ghosts Revisited...

Return to Spadra!

By mere chance, my husband and I spotted the old Phillips Mansion and made a stop. It’s by far a unique and beautiful three-story building and gives you haunted mansion vibes! This was once the home of Louis Phillips and his family. They were one of the first settlers in the area back in 1875 and is a registered historical site. It sits majestically in front of a hillside and has weathered lord knows how many storms. One look at this building and you’re going to say, “Yup, its haunted.”

There are three other properties on this land, one of them the home of the caretaker who drove up while we were taking photos. I had crossed my fingers he would come by and say hello, but he must be used to passersby and instead unloaded his car of his groceries.

Unfortunately, the museum is closed, so we could only see it through the chain linked fence. Phillips Mansion gives you old world vibes, there is this sense that you are standing in front of history and anything may happen. This home has transferred through many hands throughout its years until it settled in the loving hands of the Pomona Historical Society. I hope our next visit will allow us to see what waits inside those age-old walls.

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