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Its been awhile!

It appears it has been ages since my last post! This last month I have been busy with book #2 in my Broken Saints Series. Creating this world has become much of my life and juggling the ins and outs of marketing has been exhausting! As an indie author, I wear many hats, and thankfully I have a great team of supporters who help me immensely.

I also have a Facebook group for Fantasy readers where we share our love of Fantasy books! This group has been growing, and I love to see all the recommendations for new books. I’ve heard it said many times that to be a wonderful storyteller, make time to read, and this year, I’ve made that a priority. My husband and I have made several trips to our local bookstore, and I enjoy checking out the bargain book section. I also browse the journals, cups, and pens (you can never have enough of these!)

At the bookstore, I saw a shopper holding a book on Celtic Tarot. This book had the most fantastical cover that I had to learn more about it. As the old saying goes, You don’t know what you don’t know.” Who coined this phrase? Extra points for you if you do!

I promise not to keep you all waiting for Of Sin and Virtue (Book #2) The Broken Saints too much longer. But please make sure you are on my Newsletter list because I will send out a sneak peek of the first chapter soon!

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