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Make War Not Love.

Who is St. Valentine?

He was a man who believed in love and wasn’t afraid to go up against an Emperor of Rome. The year is 270 A. D. and the Roman Emperor Claudius II needed soldiers. Young men were not signing up, and Claudius couldn’t understand why. He thought maybe it was because young men in his empire didn’t want to leave their wives. So he decided he would forbid all marriages and imprison anyone who performed the deed.

Valentine was not going to stand by for this and decided to go against Claudius.

Valentine knew what would happen to him if he were caught. Still, he didn’t allow his fear to rule his actions, and so in secret, he married couples. Because married men could not go to war, Claudius had fewer men signing up for his army.

It was discovered what Valentine had done, and he was imprisoned. While he was in his cell, he wrote a note to a jailer's daughter, signing it

From your Valentine.

Valentine was executed on February 14th, and it was brutal.

I had heard of Valentine's tale years ago, and I often wondered if there was more between him and the jailer's daughter. Perhaps a romance?

His story and other saints' stories inspired me to write their tales, but with a twist. I’ve always admired St. Valentine, and that is why he is the leading man in my new book;

OF SIN AND VIRTUE (The Broken Saints), I hope you enjoy reading it.

Have you heard about the origins of St. Valentine? Why do you think he wrote to the jailer's daughter?

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