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The joy and terror of running.

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

What do I enjoy about running? Absolutely nothing and absolutely everything! 

Let me explain. 

I wouldn’t call myself a fast runner, I rotate between jogging and walking when I need to. The thought of getting up in the morning to run pains me, but I force myself to lace up my shoelaces, do a few stretches, so my muscles don’t tighten too much on me, and then I step out my door. I jog in a quiet neighborhood; my neighbors and I wave hello when we are out, and we have a gorgeous view of the mountains. So I don’t like to complain about it too much.

A fear of mine when I first started running here were the coyotes! My husband assured me they are terrified of me and will leave me alone, but I have seen them in the daytime, and I hear them every time they grab a meal. The coyotes sing their ‘song’ a series of howls in which they all join in. I worry about what they may have caught. 

I keep my bottle of pepper spray handy as I make my way and turn up the music, which I have carefully selected (In my humble opinion, your playlist can have a massive effect on your run/jog). It takes me usually the first ½ mile before I find a rhythm I comfortable with, and then my thoughts take hold. My attention is drawn away from my sore legs, and to the story I am working on. I am inspired by ideas and character development/growth, a new scene, or two that may be created. It could be the fresh air or surrendering to the powers that be that I find peace with my run/jog, and I enjoy it. 

By the time my run is done, I feel that I accomplished something, whether it be a story idea or just knowing that I pulled through another run. 

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