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My Little Secret

We are fortunate enough to have our secret forest tucked away on our property. The tall breezy trees keep away the outside world while I write or journal about my stories. Being outside recharges my batteries and sitting amongst nature is rejuvenating.

I hear the squirrels running through the brush while they do their best to avoid me while the birds call out to each other, hidden by the branches of the trees. On a good day, I’ll hear the hawks that live in a nearby tree call out while it soars above, and I imagine I’m in a fairy world, one with gnomes and pixies.

At night the owls come out and make this world around me their hunting grounds. The owls call out while they sit on the fence above the canyon below, not at all bothered if I am outside taking in the night air.

The string of lights we hung in the trees of the forest light up, creating a welcoming sight for an evening cup of tea. This forest is my hideaway while I draft my stories and meet my characters for the first time.

My forest should have a name, hmmm, I must ask the owls what they call it.

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