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Mystery History.... "The Case Of The Chainmail Clutch!"

One of my favorite pieces in my vintage collection is my Art Deco Chainmail clutch! This clutch is over 100 years old and still in beautiful shape. This is a small evening bag that fits a lipstick, I.D., and some cash, but not much else, and it doesn’t have too! 

Its liquid-like movement creates a soft and delicate feel, which is in contrast to its chainmail material. Unfortunately, there is no makers stamp on the inside of the clutch, so I’m unable to share with you who made this bag, but it’s made exceptionally well and has survived over 100 years. I must say, I do feel a particular responsibility as its current caretaker.

I have scoured the internet in hopes of learning more about these types of bags. I found links to purchase these older bags, but not much on history as to when they first came to be. If you find anything, please share it with me.

But in the meantime, I can enjoy my chainmail clutch and share it with you!

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