• MM Shelley

Not your average Flintstone.

Photo by Sean Stratton on Unsplash

As we move more to realign ourselves with nature, we can have a little help from the power of stones. One such stone is Flint. This is an unassuming stone, meaning it’s nothing fancy to look at and resembles a rock you’d find in your garden.

Flint is quartz and has many uses. Some of them are for healing the body of chronic conditions and helps joints. This is a cleansing stone for auras and chakras and can start a fire.

We believe this stone to open portals between our world and others, be that spiritual or who knows? And I’m not speaking of the ones you’d find in Minecraft games. Ancient peoples (maybe not so old) would place Flint inside graves, perhaps hoping to ensure safe travels for their departed loved ones because they also believe the stone helps the holder travel safely to the next part of existence.

Flint can also help restore your inner being as it removes away what may hold you trapped in your past. Flint should definitely be a stone you have in your collection.

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