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Paws to remember...

Today we made a remembrance stone for my husband's childhood pet, Merlyn. We created a place in the backyard for our pets that are no longer with us and placed stones with their names on them. They are right under a pine tree in a shady part of the yard, and we set a bench nearby. Grieving for a pet is different for us all. There are no words of comfort to be said that can change what you may be feeling. 

Just as we are all different, so are our pets, and as they come to rely on us, we come to rely on them even more. They are there with us for the hardships, the breakups, loss of a job, or the beginning of a new one. They know our innermost thoughts and wishes. They are our greatest companions and champions too. 

There is only one pet cemetery that I know of, and that is in Avalon on Catalina Island, but I believe that one is permanently closed. Where do you take your loyal loved one? Are they buried in the backyard? 

When I was a child, the dog pound would come and take them away. My family couldn’t afford to have our beloved dog Scotty cremated. It was heartbreaking to watch as they came to collect our dog, who died in his sleep. I comforted our other dog, Jackie, but I believe she comforted me far more.  As guardians of our furry loved ones, where do our most precious family members retire to? My husband and I have decided that we will create this space near us as a way to remember and honor our most loved pets. 

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