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The full moon has always fascinated me, the beautiful light it gives and the magical tales I’m sure it could tell if we but listen.

We have 12 full moon cycles, and did you know they each have their own names? We have:

  • Wolf Moon

  • Snow Moon

  • Worm Moon

  • Pink Moon

  • Flower Moon

  • Strawberry Moon

  • Buck Moon

  • Sturgeon Moon

  • Corn Moon

  • Harvest Moon

  • Beaver Moon

  • Cold Moon

Wow! That is quite the list!

The Wolf Moon is the first full moon of the year and got its name from Native Americans who would hear the wolves howl up at the moon. I’m pretty sure that coyotes howl at this moon too! We have a family of coyotes that we can hear regularly, and I’m sure they were up that night having quite the party.

This month we will be having a Snow Moon named after all of the snow we receive during February. You should be able to see the Snow Moon on February 27th.

The Worm Moon is the last moon before Spring and the last moon of the first quarter and is the moon of new beginnings.

The Flower Moon takes place in May, and just as the name states, it means flowers bloom.

July has Buck Moon and was given this name due to the male dear whose antlers grow during this month.

It's fascinating to learn about the different names of the full moons and why they were given them. Do you have a favorite?

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