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I have a new book series that I’m currently working on. What I enjoy about this new series is discovering the meaning behind different stones and how they can help you in everyday life.

Take Black Tourmaline; for instance, this stone can give you protection and ward off negative energy you don’t want latching onto you. You can place the stone in a bowl of water, and this will absorb any negative energy that may be near. You can also place Black Tourmaline in the four corners of a room (or on your property) to keep negative energy out. Taking the stone with you on vacation and putting in your hotel room helps create a positive place for you while your visiting. This stone does so much!

Agate is another stone that can help to cleanse your aura, rid your space of negativity, and enables you to think clearly. This stone comes in many colors; black, orange/red, white/grey, and white. Not only do they come in different colors, but the type of Agate you have can help you in different ways. There is Botswana, Brazilian, Bulls Eye, White Agate, and Iris Agate—which is a beautiful stone. Agate is also a grounding stone and a healing stone. You can place Agate in a central room or a room you spend a lot of time in and even add it to your keychain to clear out any negative energy from your space or keep it from following you. Kind of like a talisman.

Another grounding stone is Hematite. This also varies in coloring; red/brown, black, and black/grey. This can help by absorbing negative emotions and clearing you of energies that are not good for you. This stone is used a lot in jewelry, so you might have some and not even know it. You can also use Hematite for meditation!

There is so much to learn about these stones and others that can help clear us of negativity and create a clear space. As we move further away from our connection to nature and become more absorbed into technology, we need to remind ourselves of the small things that can be of help to us in many great ways.

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