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The chosen are not always willing....

There are many doors in the spirit world, and if you are a Shaman, you know all about this. The name Shaman means to know, and they are not composed entirely of men, they can be women too.

A Shaman is a healer, a leader, a guide for the spirits, and it’s a calling. The initiation process into becoming a Shaman can be brutal and can occur in the spiritual world or this world or even in both. 

After entering a trance-like state, the Shaman then makes a rite of passage. This can involve many things, but one that I’m keen on is the World Tree. This interests me because this is the same tree known as the Tree of Life from the Garden of Eden. The tree that holds up the Heavens and roots reach down into the Underworld.  

The World Tree reach is vast and is also depicted in Norse, Greek, Roman Mythologies and North Asian, Siberian, Mongol, and Turkic cultures.  Symbols of the World Tree can be found in Mayan and Aztec ruins.

A Shaman can communicate with the spiritual world and, in doing so, help intercede with problems from the spiritual world that might bleed into this one. The spirits choose a Shaman; it’s never the choice of the Shaman.

Traits of a Shaman are intuitive, sensitivity, mercurial, or eccentric. They might even have what we know as familiars, which can be human or animal, helping them in their work and spiritual guides who also help them with their work. 

A Shamans life is not easy one and nor is it one I would want to live.

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