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The Ghosts Of Spadra

My husband and I took a ghost tour in a haunted cemetery from the 1800s on Halloween night!

Our tour began at 11 PM; they were the last tickets the Pomona Historical Society had for sale on their website, so we decided to brave the night and go!

We drove down a poorly lit street with a few businesses on it and parked under a freeway underpass. A few other cars parked along the road, at first; we drove by, not sure we were in the right place, but our navigation assured us we had arrived. We spotted a sign that read A Night in Old Spadra – Sold Out, so we knew we had found it. 

With a bright blue moon above us, we got out of our car and met our friends Mona and Bryan, who had joined us that night for the tour. We walked on a darken dirt pathway and were met by a woman who quickly stepped out of her truck, which was parked at a gate. She handed us our tickets and told us the cemetery was about a quarter of a mile walk, and we would have to cross the railroad tracks to reach it. 

Using the flashlights on our phones, we set out. I was expecting to find one set of train tracks, most likely not in use anymore. But that was not the case. There were four tracks, and they were working routes. The four of us carefully crossed and continued onward. We saw lights up ahead and knew we were getting close. 

We reached the cemetery, gated off with a chain-link fence that had barbed wire on top. Our tour guide warmly greeted us as he lifted a heavy chain that stretched from gate to gate, and he said, “Let me open the door for you --- come on in!” He lifted the chain over his shoulder while the four of us maneuvered under to step inside the cemetery. (This would be a private tour, and we had been asked to wear our masks.)

We followed a lit path throughout the cemetery as our guide told us about the early settlers and their hard and challenging lives, which involved affairs, suicides, and a barkeeper who knew how to use his gun to keep the patrons from getting out of hand. 

Our guide also pointed out the nearby Indian burial ground and told us that this area (The cemetery is located in Pomona) was settled by the time most of the Native Americans had moved on. 

We headed deeper into the cemetery, and our guide explained that because of vandals and wear of the tombstones, it was decided that to protect the gravestones and graves, they cut the stones and laid them and the graves within concrete. We saw a few broken stones that had been carefully placed within the concrete, and without doing this, those names would have been lost.

We heard Billy and his tavern's story and how Billy had personally seen to the deaths of several of the men buried there. They had stepped out of line in his tavern, and Billy wasn’t going to stand for it. That tavern is gone, but in its exact space is now a gentlemen’s club, and we all wondered aloud if that club knew of its history and if it was haunted. 

On our way out, my friend Mona, a psychic medium, caught sight of a Native American in the graveyard. We talked about him as our group made our way back to our cars. We had to cross the train tracks but found our way blocked off as a (verrrrrry long) cargo train was going by. We decided to head back to the graveyard and ask our guide a few more questions while we waited. We had some time and couldn’t cross, and our guide was more than happy to speak with us. He took us back into the graveyard and to an area where the first person was buried, and while we were with our guide, Mona told him about the Native American she spotted, and without missing a beat, the tour guide said, “Oh Indian Joe? He’s buried right over there.” He pointed to the area Mona had seen him. 

It was quite the night! 

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