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The Huntington Gardens

One of my favorite places to visit is the Huntington Gardens, I have loved visiting these gardens since I was a child, and every time we visit there is something new to see. One of my great-uncles Fred Brandt, was the Head Gardner here for five decades. He took so much pride in his work and strolling the gardens it’s easy to see that the current gardeners instill a lot of love into this beautiful place. 

On a recent visit (with our masks in place), we headed into the Chinese Gardens and spent two hours within its lush grounds surrounded by dragonflies of different colors and sizes. We watched as golden-orange dragons and vibrant blue ones brushed their delicate wings across the water as they whizzed by without colliding with the gentle butterflies who frolicked there too. 

We walked along the dirt path, which was lined with trees of different species, staying in the shade to try our best to avoid the summer heat as we followed the marked trail that directed the flow of foot traffic and kept guests from close contact. It was an unspoken agreement we all had to adhere to the guidelines because none of us want these Gardens to close again unless necessary, of course. 

My husband and I are members, and each time we visit, we head into a different garden. We will sit on one of the benches and bird watch, something we often joke about actually enjoying and that when we were kids, we would never have thought bird watching would be something we would find ourselves doing. But there is a peacefulness in it and a calmness which makes it quite relaxing. 

After every visit, we pop into the gift shop to look around and see all the fantastic items they have for sale. We very rarely buy anything, we find it much more fun to look around and window shop!

If you are ever able to visit the Huntington Gardens, I believe you will find yourself at home and be glad you stopped by.

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