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The Lilliput Libraries

This week my husband and I went on a tour of our local Little Free Library! The Little Library is a nonprofit organization. The library is housed in local neighborhoods all over the country; they encourage reading and sharing the love of books.  You will find books for all ages housed here, and the way most of these works is that you bring a gently used or new book (paperback or hardcover) and drop it off and you have the option of taking a book to read. Some of these libraries have signs to return borrowed books, and they have a separate drop off box for these. 

On this trip, we dropped off three books; Chemistry Lessons, Once a King, and Empress of all Seasons.  What is fun about the Little Library is that each one that we visited was different from the other. You can buy a kit from the website, or you can be creative and build your own. Their website has a listing of all of their locations. All you need to do is enter your zip code, and you get an online map of the ones in your area.  We visited three locations on our tour. The first library was a tall purple one, and this guy set the bar high! 

Our next stop had a library that reminded me of a cool birdhouse! 

And our last stop reminded me of the Tardis (from Dr. Who) plus this one had a water bowl offering refreshments for our four-legged friends! 

My husband and I talked about joining and building our Little Library one day! So we hope to become a part of this fantastic book community!

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