• MM Shelley

The Real St. Patrick?

Have you heard the tales of Saint Patrick, the Patron saint of Ireland? Legend has it Patrick once walked the Irish shores and drove the snakes away. He lived in Britain in the year 460 A.D., kidnapped by Irish pirates until his escape and eventual return, but on his own terms. Patrick returned to Ireland as a Priest, with a mission in his heart, a far cry from the Patrick we meet in my book of Serpents and Wolves. In my loosely based tale, Patrick is taken by Irish pirates, and he does escape, but that is where the similarities end. Our Patrick is grittier, unkempt, and a rake of a man who does good deeds because he must, not because he chooses to. He is an immortal, fated to walk the earth until the Archangel who had cursed him sends for him. Forced to return to Ireland on orders to hunt the Druids who'd grown in power and number to prevent them from practicing dark magic on the villagers of Giota Caorach. “Remember us, return to our shores, walk amongst us, fight for us... Liberate us, for you are the mac tíre dubh, and what are you if not ours to wield?”

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