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The shadows standing behind you..

The first time I heard the word Druid I was a child listening to a ghost story. I didn’t know what they were and if I should be afraid of them. The story I heard took place in the countryside of England after World War II; a young man had returned to his family country home to visit and took a much need nap on the sofa. It was in that moment of being half asleep half awake that he was jarred awake by something (maybe that sense of someone watching you?), and as his eyes opened, he was startled to find a ghostly figure of a man wearing a heavy cloaked robe peering over him. The mysterious figure was so vivid he could see the man was not happy with him. The young man later learned that Druids once used the property of his home. 

This intrigued me because I wondered well, what does that mean? Druid? What do they do? What do they want? And do they practice magic? 

Druids were very influential and not just with the everyday man (or woman) but with kings and queens and people of nobility. They were sought out for their council and their special abilities as a searer or a prophetic prophet. You see, druids were Celtic pagans. Scholars throughout the ages who have studied druids had said that they were a secret group who did not even write down their history, so there is some debate as to when druids first stepped onto the maps of history. 

There is some darkness to the druid practices, and that is sacrifices. They took human life as tributes to their deities. However, some scholars believe this not to be so. There remain massive debates on this. Either way, I’ll choose to keep my distance. 

But what happened to the druids? 

There is a tale of St. Patrick, the Patron Saint who chased the snakes out of Ireland. I have always believed the snakes were a metaphor for Druids. The druids are what or rather who Patrick had battled. But as Christianity took root, the druid numbers dwindled, or did they? Are they still here but have become better at keeping themselves secret? And will they ever reveal themselves? Only time will tell.

Keep a watchful eye, my friends…

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